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Following our commitment to provide clients with high quality equipment services and support, you will find hereafter our recent business highlights.
A new family of high temperature/high pressure acoustic scanner tools extends this expertise into more demanding environments. We have delivered the first 2 systems to Sandia National Laboratories in Autumn 2005.

To provide a solution to the proliferation of telemetry standards within the logging industry, and in collaboration with Mount Sopris Instruments, ALT has developed MATRIX a new logging acquisition system capable of automatically identifying the tool telemetry protocols of major logging tool manufacturers. With this system tool communication is established without operator intervention.

ALT releases a WellCAD add-on module CoreCAD, a core description package which allows the acquisition and drafting of core data in a single step.
We thank Panterra Geoconsultants, one of European leading core analysis laboratories for their support in this project. Further, the outcome of our cooperation with RPS Cambrian is the InTOTO- WellCAD geological reporting database.


Release notes v5.2 build 810 --> (PDF

Release notes v5.1 build 504 --> (PDF

Release notes v5.0 build 507 --> (PDF

Patch notes v4.4 build 3303 --> (PDF

Release notes v4.4 --> (PDF


Release notes v11.2 --> (PDF


New generation of OBI40 optical borehole imager (OBI40-2G) --> (PDF

New generation of ABI40 acoustic televiewer (ABI40-2G) --> (PDF



Comparison of acoustic and electrical image logs from the Coso geothermal field,CA (Nicholas C. Davatzes and Steve Hickman, U.S. Geological Survey Menlo Park, CA 94025 - Proceedings, Thirtieh Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Stanford University, Stanford, January 31-February 2,2005) (PDF)

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